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Sports Premium


At St Michael’s C of E VA Primary School we understand the importance and necessity for children to lead active and healthy lifestyles. We ensure that all children have at least two timetabled PE sessions per week as well as offering a wide range of extra curricular activities. These include various Sports clubs, drama and cooking which promote a healthy and active lifestyle. During our PE sessions we use detailed schemes of work which we are able to adapt and change to fit the needs of our children.

Our Vision

We believe that all children are able to participate in PE lessons regardless of athletic ability, disability, or social or cultural backgrounds. The teachers are able to adapt lessons to ensure that the tasks are appropriate for all children to make progress. Children have opportunities to engage and interact in a safe and supportive environment which is vital for their physical and mental health as well as their well-being. Through P.E Children gain experience and skills in team work, decision making, organisation and confidence. Sports clubs and activities are also monitored to ensure all groups of children have equal opportunities to attend and enjoy them. We make sure the standard of teaching is consistent to ensure that the children lead active and healthy lifestyles and we encourage them to make healthy choices for themselves. This is also possible through cross curricular links with other lessons such as Science and Maths.

In 2013 we were given a grant from the Government to ensure PE is being taught to the best of our ability and primarily to give the children the opportunity to progress as learners.  Below is a link to a schedule of areas we have highlighted to develop within the school, along with how we propose to allocate the funding.

Sports News

See ‘Sport at St Michael’s’ on the PE section of the Parent tab.