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Marble runs

Marbles runs

As part of our Design and Technology project we designed and made a marble run.
The marble run had to be a sturdy, freestanding structure. We were awarded points for design and the longest time it took for a marble to complete the run. The Sneaker won.

In RE we have been thinking about how religious artefacts help believers to understand and connect to their faith? We have compared Jewish and Christian festivals. We researched the Jewish festival of Sukkot and created sukkah’s which symbolise the temporary homes the Jewish people built  when God freed them from slavery in Egypt.

As part of our Science Topic ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ we visited Whipsnade Zoo and studied Darwin’s theory.

In the Autumn term our Science topic was Living things and their habitats. We conducted a Field Study of the paddock. We were amazed by the amount of animals and plants that live there. We shared our discovery with our Buddies from Ants. 

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